The Tao of Awesome: A Stress-Busting, To-Do-List-Destroying Guide to Kicking Ass in Your Life, Business, Finances, Relationships, Body, and Health


So…¬†Are you kind of stressed? Busy? Do you worry about things slipping through the cracks as you try to accomplish everything you want to or need to accomplish? Want better results in SOME area of your life? … Yeah, that’s pretty much all of us.

If you read my blog, you’ve seen said concept come out in a few blog posts recently, including the one I posted yesterday. And it’s essentially this:

We all strive to do better in business, in our relationships, in our health and fitness, in our families and/or marriages, and in a dozen other areas. And there’s too much to do. Too many different things to keep track of. We do our best to be “awesome” in each of those areas, but there are too many variables. Too many tasks. Too many loose ends.

There’s too much to do, and not enough time in the day.

  • If we focus on money, we neglect fitness or family.
  • If we devote time to fitness, something has to give… and we do things like miss time with the kids or forget Grandma’s birthday.
  • If we devote a ton of time to the kids, we have less time for strategic business work, so that suffers.
  • And if we try to be Superman or Superwoman and do it all, it’s too much. There’s not enough time. So, we totally stress out, miss sleep, and spend all of our time managing urgent priorities and demands, which has us pulling our hair out.

So we’re content to focus on one area and just acknowledge the sad “truth” that you can’t have it all.

You say, “Well, everyone gains weight as they get older. I just have to accept that.”

You say, “There was a time when I could have started my own business, but I guess I missed it.”

You say, “I wish I could meditate or volunteer, but I just don’t have the time.”

Sound familiar?

I think that “I don’t have time!” is the war cry of the modern era.

Some close seconds in terms of war cries are “I can’t right now” and “You can’t have it all.”

What a load of crap.

LISTEN: You CAN have it all. You DO have time.

This is what I’ve been thinking about obsessively lately. We’re so self-limiting. We put barriers in our own way, stare at those barriers, and say, “Someone stopped me from getting what I want.”

YOU stopped YOURSELF from getting what you wanted.

YOU decided that you don’t have time, because everyone (including the people who have what you want) gets the same amount of time. Think about it: We all get 24 hours each and every day.

YOU decided to focus on some things and not others.

But if you approached life differently, you could focus on different things.

And if you knew what to do — if you had a system that you trusted that allowed you to set goals and to keep track of ALL of the loose ends in ALL areas of your life, then you could focus on what served you best. You could start moving toward what you want.

Luckily, this is what I’ve been teaching clients (and teaching myself) for years.

I normally say “systems” are crap, but when I’ve said that, I’ve been talking about bogus money-generating schemes. In life, you NEED a system. You NEED a way of organizing your priorities and planning your days and weeks.

You’ve heard the expression, right? “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

So you need a plan.

And in this case, I DO have a plan. I DO have a system. It’s done nothing short of revolutionize my life. I get to work at home, do what I love, connect with awesome people (like you!), spend a ton of time with my wife and kids, train for marathons and triathlons, and a dozen other things, all at once. And it’s all possible because I have a system to manage all of the areas of my life.

This course will teach you that system. It will help you create, implement, and follow through on that plan — a plan that encompasses all of the things you want to do, that addresses all of your demands, and that allows you to manage it all WITHOUT undue stress.


Let’s get Awesome!

The Tao of Awesome is an email course, delivered twice weekly over a six-week period.

I’m doing it this way because you’ll need to do stuff with me as you learn. Each email ends with a task, and each task gets you that much closer to Awesomeness. A “drip” approach gets you actually doing things instead of listening/reading passively.

It’ll awesomeify you big time. Lets get started!