Why you’re disabled, and what to do about it

I have a metatarsal stress fracture in my right foot. I got it by ignoring pain after two runs at home, and then for some reason keeping a running date I had at the South by Southwest conference two weeks ago with Matt Frazier and Tyler Tervooren. I kept that date despite the fact that […]

Truant’s Law of Suck Relativity

Here’s me, two Saturdays ago, 5:30am, about an hour into an 18 mile run: It’s pitch dark and it’s maybe 20 degrees outside. The cold irritates me (though I’m used to it) but the dark, save the light from my headlamp, is actually quite awesome. The world is almost preternaturally quiet. I’ve only seen a […]

How to run 100 miles and succeed at anything

Ultrarunner Dean Karnazes tells a story in which a friend asked him how anyone could possibly ever run 100 miles. I don’t have the exact phrasing here in front of me, but Dean’s answer was essentially this: “Start putting one foot in front of the other, and don’t stop until you’ve gone 100 miles.” Go […]