How to be a seriously rad motherfucker

When my last post went viral, a few things happened. First, I got a lot of attention. That post has been shared on Facebook over 2000 times so far, and it pretty much blew the roof off of my traffic stats. Second, it put me into uncharted territory. Normally when you write a post, you’re […]

There is No Spoon

NOTE: This post was originally written for Clay Collins’s blog, so you can blame him for the references to “Project Mojave” and “Freedom Businesses” that you see here. I’d like to talk about the magic ingredient for success in any endeavor, be it building a business or climbing the outside of a glass skyscraper wearing […]

What faith has to do with Martin Scorsese and his detachable penis

I was listening to this King Missile album today, and it has that song “Detachable Penis” on it, and that song is pretty cool because when you think about it, having a detachable penis would be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you could slip it into your pocket when dancing with […]

Why I’m exactly like Morpheus (How to turn your life totally backward in six months)

It’s weird. I have this hypothetical scenario in my head. I know it’s hypothetical because it involves Doc Brown from Back to the Future. I imagine going back in time six months, to the end of March of this year. And the future me eschews all of the warnings about interacting with past selves, lest […]