Self Publishing Podcast #87 – Best Self-Publishing Lessons of 2013

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Because this is our last show of 2013 (and we’ll be skipping next week’s show so that we can sleep and see our families after ending this year at an insane pace), we wanted to use it to wrap up some of the things we’ve learned.

It’s kind of a hodge-podge this week, because “what we learned” spans the gamut, but a few highlights were:

1. Producing a ton was the right choice for 2013 (for us), but now that we have a ton of stuff, we need to turn to promoting it next year.

2. We made some choices with funnel-starters (primarily with the free introductory story Vengeance that leads into the full novel Namaste) that weren’t terribly wise in retrospect. You’ll hear the story of how we changed Vengeance to what you see today (instead of seeing its old name and cover, for Namaste: Prelude) and why we did it.

3. Season 2 production on our works next year is, we hope, where the big rewards lie.

4. Our somewhat spontaneous decision to write our definitive self-publishing guide Write. Publish. Repeat. (which you should read if you haven’t already; look at those reviews!) was the best “growth-hacker” move we made all year.

And a bunch more.

Happy holidays everyone, and we’ll see you in 2014!

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