Self Publishing Podcast #86 – YouTube for Writers with Amy Schmittauer (“The Schmittastic Episode”)

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This week’s guest was Amy Schmittauer, who had some awesome ideas and suggestions for writers looking to expand their reach with the use of YouTube. We talked about a variety of approaches, from using videos to bond with existing readers and deepen that connection with true fans to using YouTube for lead-gen.

We also talked about when to create multiple YouTube channels, what to do about trolls (Amy seems to take them on directly and make friends, an approach whose simple efficacy punched us in the face), when to split videos up in order to get more search engine traffic, how to piggyback on popular topics, and more.

Here’s where you can check out more about Amy and what she does:

• Her prime YouTube channel, Sexy Savvy Social
• Her personal vlog entries, so you can get a feel for that approach
• Her iPhone videos channel, which we also mentioned, for a third style
• And of course, Amy’s business Vlog Boss Studios

We’re looking to expand into YouTube more in 2014 with the awesome stuff Amy told us about!

You can view the video version here:

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