Better Off Undead #64 – Dave Gets a Windows Phone

Subscribe to iTunes Dave has been resistant to the idea of getting a smart phone for years. Fortunately for us, he finally cracked and bought one. But did he get an iPhone like Sean suggested? Of course not. He got a Windows Phone. What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this episode. Also in […]


Self Publishing Podcast #85 – Post-Launch Wrap-Up

Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes We started this week’s show by talking about how awesome all of you are. Seriously. Our listeners (and readers) are the best. We recorded this episode the day after the launch of our new book, Write. Publish. Repeat: The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success, and not only did the […]


Self Publishing Podcast #84 – Positioning Your Book for Maximum Exposure

Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes First things first: our comprehensive self-publishing guide Write. Publish. Repeat: The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success is now available! (That’s the Amazon link. It’s also on the other stores, as well as in print.) This book is as good as we could make it, folks. As of right now, […]


How to publish 1.5 million words and make a living from writing

I did something really cool this year. I created a full-time, could-support-my-family-on-nothing-else income from writing books. Telling stories for a living. Something I never thought was possible, and which I’d only barely dabbled in the year before. Today, my writing partner Sean Platt and I published what we feel is the definitive self-publishing guide, called Write. Publish. Repeat: […]


Better Off Undead #63 – Wherein We Spoil the Breaking Bad Finale

Subscribe to iTunes Ever on top of things, we FINALLY got to talking about the Breaking Bad finale. Find out what we thought. First, though, because nothing says Christmas like Dave, our resident goth in a tree regaled us with a reading of his son’s Christmas list. The guys then talked about some other Christmas-related […]