How to Write Blog Posts That Kick the Crap Out of Everyone Else’s

Hey, I have something to announce, and I just wrote an email to my list about it, and now I’ve got shit to do and don’t want to write a blog post too. Will anyone judge me if I just post the email here? No*? Cool.

Hey there!

After sending you a few emails about my books, this email is coming to you from the other side of my brain… the side where I try to give you the best help I can with becoming Legendary in your own time.

So… let’s talk finding buyers for your stuff and readers for your work, shall we? Let’s talk about building a Legendary readership, a Legendary business, or any of those other Legendary pursuits you might have that require getting attention.

Specifically, let’s talk how to write blog posts that kick the crap out of everyone else’s.

Oh, and hey… this might be a good time to point you to a call I’m doing with Mr. Badass himself, my good friend Jon Morrow. It’s called “How to Write Blog Posts That Kick the Crap Out of Everyone Else’s.”

You can sign up to join us (for no cost, of course) by clicking here:

The call is this Wednesday, February 6th, at 2pm Eastern US time, but there WILL be a recording, so be sure to register even if you know you can’t attend live. (Unless, of course, you either 1) don’t care about writing blog posts at all or 2) want to write blog posts that suck and get ignored and are a waste of your time to write. Hey, it’s your call.)

Here are just a few of the things Jon and I will be talking about:

• The stupid lies everyone believes that will ensure the death of your blog
• Why longer blog posts are hands-down better than short posts
• Why posting everyday is a useless strategy
• Why Jon likes avocados so damn much

(That last one isn’t on the agenda, but I added it because it’s almost certain to come up anyway.)

You can register to join us for this sure-to-be-awesome-because-all-of-my-calls-with-Jon-have-been-awesome call here:

Oh, and hey… this call is worth your time even if you don’t think you care about blogging. If you want to write or communicate or persuade at all, be SURE to listen to this. Jon and I have recorded three or four in this series, and each has been VERY popular. We both get emails all the time from people thanking us for them… and again, they don’t cost a dime to attend or listen to.

I’ll be honest: the information I’ve learned from Jon has flat-out made the difference for my business — and that’s my BLOG-BASED business and my WRITING business (the one where I write and sell fiction.) The stuff we’re going to talk about is exactly what I did to build my audience, and what I continue to do even though my business has changed dramatically.

And of course, Jon hates it when I praise him like that. He’s all like, “Dude, stop praising me. And also, don’t forget to tell them how cool I am in these seven other ways.”

(NOTE: I’ve referred to Jon above as “Mr. Badass,” but he’s publicly stated that he’s also okay with using the title “His Royal Awesomeness.” He is also having his own personal theme music composed. And no, I’m not kidding about either of those things.)

So that’s it. This call is worth your time if you want attention on anything you are doing. Trust me on this one.

It’s on Wednesday. There WILL be a recording, so sign up whether you think you can be there live or not… but try to be there live if you can. But it’s BYOA (bring your own avocados).

Go here if you want to learn how to write blog posts that will make other people’s blog posts cry:

See you Wednesday!


P.S: I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this AFTER the call has taken place, Jon and team will have changed it so that you’ll just get the recording straightaway, so you can and should still sign up if you’re coming here late. I’m not sure that will happen and am far too lazy to go back and check, so… you know… give it a shot.

* If you think it’s unacceptable that I’m simply posting an email on my blog instead of writing a brand-new blog post, I don’t care because you’re one of those people who is into busywork. If that’s you, go look at LOLcats and chill the fuck out.

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  1. Michele Linder says:


    Is there any way I can get a transcript of this call? If I were home I could use my CaptionCall phone to read the captions of what you all are saying, but I’m flying to Boston tomorrow and I won’t have a nifty captioned phone while visiting my son. I’d love to “hear” what you have to say about writing blogs, but I’m deaf and won’t be able to without captions. Thanks ~~Michele

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Michele,

      I wish I could say yes, but I don’t think we have a transcript budgeted. There are a handful of online services that I think will do a decent job of transcribing stuff via voice recognition… would it be possible for you to download the MP3 and run it through one of those?

      • Michele Linder says:

        Thanks for your response… I’ll look into what my options are. If the call is recorded and I can wait until I get home to listen to it, I can then use my captioncall phone, but I might try webcaptel, but I’ll be in the air at the time the call is happening live.

        I’ve passed the info about the call on to other people who I think might be interested. I blog for a couple of organization, so getting to the kickass level is something I’m interested in. :o)

        Thanks again,
        Michele Linder

  2. Always pick up amazing golden nuggets when you two get together. Count me in for sure!!!

  3. Kay S says:

    I can’t be on the call at that time. If I sign up, how will I be able to access the recording?

  4. Kay S says:

    If I sign up but can’t attend due to a schedule conflict, how will I be able to access the recording?

    • Johnny says:

      The call was quite a while ago so I don’t know if the recording is still in Jon’s email response, but I’d guess it is. IF it is, you’ll get it as soon as you sign up. Hope that helps!


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