How to self-publish on Kindle

Yesterday, I did this amazing call with Sean Platt about how to self-publish your writing for Amazon’s Kindle Store. It was awesome. I’m honestly all on fire about the possibilities.

Because there was so much excitement surrounding the call and the topic, I figured I’d just put the call up as an audio post, so that everyone can see and love it.

The short version? This is a very, very exciting time for writers of both fiction and nonfiction — but in particular for writers who understand (or are willing to learn) something about marketing. If you can write, if you can market, and if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ve got a fair shot at success in e-publishing. Used to be, it wasn’t enough to write a great novel or nonfiction book, because you also had to be lucky enough to slip past the publishing industry’s gatekeepers, and through gauntlet put up by agents and editors.

That’s not true anymore. There’s you, the author… and there’s the readers. That’s it; nobody else needs to be involved, and you don’t need anybody else’s approval or help to get in. Convince enough of the right readers, and your career takes off.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Here’s the call:

[audio:|titles=How to Self Publish]

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NOTE: If you liked this call, I strongly suggest heading over and picking up Sean and David Wright’s Kindle book Yesterday’s Gone (which I bought myself and think is very cool) so that you can see what they’ve done that’s working. It costs all of five bucks.

Once you do that, you should also leave the book a review. Want to thank Sean for the fantastic free content he shared in this call? A review is how you can thank him. As you’ll hear, reviews really matter, so be a champ and give him one.

You can also check out the only piece of Johnny B. Truant fiction in existence right now, a short story I wrote years ago and which I was shocked to find I still loved, called Nothing But Flowers. This pricey bad boy weighs in at 99 cents.

Lastly, I’m writing something new right now that I’d say is like “zombies meet Fight Club.” I have absolutely no idea when it’ll be ready and up in the Kindle store, but if you have (or anticipate getting) an e-reader and would like to know when it’s done and have first crack at it, go ahead and sign up for the list below.



  1. Anne Galivan says:


    Thanks so much for posting this interview! I’ve been wandering around (figuratively speaking) wondering how to crack the “make money by writing quality stuff that helps people” secret. One of my problems is that I am so “Type A..” I am a list-making, goal-setting, concrete-thinking lady. That is a great thing a lot of the time. I’ve been homeschooling for going on 22 years now, have two college graduate kids, one starting college in the fall (who already has 42 credit hours) and a 10-year old! The fact that I am so detail-oriented and goal-setting has helped THEM to learn how to set goals and reach them.

    But I’ve found the internet isn’t so conducive to being a “from Point A to Point B” kind of gal. You, the illustrious Johnny, set up my website over two years ago. I launched it in May of 2010, then ended up paying someone to move my site to HostGator after it disappeared from GoDaddy one day! (A technical glitch, but it freaked me out.) Anyway, it’s cool, I made a good go-to tech friend who’s helped me with other issues and even helped me out for free a time or two.

    Meanwhile, I’ve downloaded I don’t know how many e-books about “creating a great blog and/or building a list and/or generating traffic” that I’ve NEVER read. Granted, I did buy and read Problogger’s 30 Days e-book and that was awesome when I was getting started. But the whole blogging thing is so…fluid. For someone like me, it is intensely frustrating. Who do I listen to…how do I get past the initial learning curve and finally hit critical mass…ugh.

    So I’m hitting the two-year mark for my blog and I’ve still been trying to figure out a way to make some money from it…and voila I see this “how to self-publish on Kindle” e-mail in my inbox and it sits there for…well, quite a while, and then I finally say, let’s see what Johnny’s got to say about this and suddenly I see a way! I have had SO many book ideas rattling around in my head for over 10 years. But actually writing them AND getting them published while homeschooling and doing the books for my husband’s business and running a home…yeah, right!

    But this, THIS, is do-able. And now I’ve got Sean Platt’s “Ghost Writer Dad” site bookmarked as well so I’ll probably be reading more of his thoughts. In any case, I have a direction to go now, in addition to my blog, that might ACTUALLY manage to make me some money and grow my audience. Awesome.

    • Johnny says:

      Wow, just realized that you are my only comment on this post? What the hell.

      Yeah, this is a really interesting topic for me right now, and it’s one of the reasons that I’m going to be starting a podcast all about self publishing with Sean and his writing partner Dave next month. If this interests you, definitely watch my blog or your email for news on that, because it’s definitely something you’ll want pay attention to.

      More soon…

  2. Joe says:

    I’m learning that there’s a certain amount of a celebrity thing going on with you well known bloggers.

    Now having attended your course with Morrow, reading your posts and now this conversation with Platt, and you, like, another George Clooney: known and likeable to an audience largely invisible to you.

    This was an interesting dialouge, you and Platt. Man, the guy’s excited like only the deep inhalation of the sweet smell of success can do.

    There’s lots he said that deserves deeper probing and would be needed just to draw the map that maps his Amazonian adventure, not to mention the actual journey. But one thing stood out for me cause I just read a book you recommended: “The War of Art”.

    Seems Stuart and Pressfield would debate for whom one writes: Stuart, the audience as you seek to fit into the hierarchy of the successful; Pressfield, the territory that you your born to and are your authentic self within.

    Perhaps it’s semantics. Over a few beers, these authors might settle on the notion that what you do is find the audience that roams in your territory. Then create for them.

    Carry on, JBTruant.

  3. Anant says:

    Ah! I haven’t listened to the interview but I bought Yesterday’s Gone coz it sounded so good and Nothing But Flowers, coz’s you! 😀 I loved The Bialy Pimps btw.

    This post is timely coz I’ve just started looking into publishing my feature screenplays on the Amazon Store. It’s unlikely they’ll ever get made (one stars Bill Murray as himself) so why not put them up for the world to read! I’m sure there are some legal issues I should school myself on though, so I’m holding back for now.

    Anyway…”zombies meet Fight Club? I dig that, man.


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