Goodbye, old business.

Gals and guys, I’d like to level with you on something. I can do that, right? We’re friends, right?

Raise your hand if you agree.

Okay, now put your hand down because I can’t see you anyway.

See, I used to teach a lot about business, and maybe that’s what you know me for even though I’ve skewed away from it lately. WHY did I teach business? Well, because I was good at it. I started a business online, and in its first year, that business made about $100,000. Right off the bat. I got myself onto the biggest blogs. I made some influential friends. People got to know me — people like you. Then I’d change direction, try something new, and do pretty well at that, too. I’ve had my ups and downs, but it’s been five years now, and I’m still doing pretty damn well.

Sometimes, people acted like I had the golden touch. Of course, there was plenty of failure in my “golden touch,” but people only see the gold, and I generated a decent amount of it. So, whatever.

So people asked how I did it. People were like, “What’s the key to your success?”, and I never knew what to tell them. I could teach them my tactics, and I did. I could show them my work habits, and I did. I could teach them about the technology I used, and I did. I could consult people and kind of hold their hand, telling them what I’d do in a situation, and I did.

But “what’s the key to your success”? That’s a slightly different question.

So, together with my friend Lee, we brainstormed how it would be possible to teach people those “keys” when said keys weren’t to be found in tactics, and work habits, and technology, and mentorship. And what we came up with was a course called Question the Rules, which had the tagline “The nonconformist’s punk rock, DIY, nuts-and-bolts guide to creating the business and life you really want, starting with what you already have.”

So just to make sure you’re following along here, my answer re: “keys to success” was to create a punk rock business guide.

And I know how that sounds, but this was as honest as I could be. The solution isn’t in “ninja tricks.” It’s in a change of mindset — something I talk and write about a LOT today. Successful people aren’t successful because of ninja tricks. They’re successful because they’re punk rock.

Meaning: They don’t just look at the world and say, “This is what is real and how things go.” Instead, they say, “I’m going to create a niche computer and take on the giants, but charge more for it” (Steve Jobs) or “I’m going to fly” (the Wright Brothers) or “I’m going to be an NBA slam-dunk champion even though I’m only five foot seven” (Spud Webb).

Successful people are successful — in business and in anything — because they find other ways to do things than the “normal” way. They find loopholes that allow them to get where they want to go faster, with less effort, in a more profitable way.

I first released Question the Rules in 2009, and it sold like mad. LIKE MAD. People were hungry for this “the real dope, not B.S.” material. We FILLED the course with material totaling over 30 hours of content about what REALLY WORKS — both from us and from some of the best unconventional successes we could find. People raved. We got a LOT of thank-you mail.

And to date, Question the Rules is the course I’m most proud of. There is no crap in this course. We won’t tell you to that there is one magic thing you need to do and that riches will then fall from the sky. Instead, we take you through the mindset change — from rule-follower to entrepreneurially successful rule-questioner — that will actually make a difference. We show you how to find the loopholes you’re missing right now.

I LOVE Question the Rules, but it’s time to take it off the market.

See, I’m “walking my walk” in life right now. I never really wanted to teach business. I did well in business and was good at it, so I taught it, and it was great. But what I really wanted to do was to write novels. So that’s what I’m mostly doing today, along with the human potential project that centers on the amazing people in my Everyday Legendary community.

I am throwing away a lucrative career teaching marketing and business to write novels. If THAT isn’t “questioning the rules,” I don’t know what is.

So here’s the deal: I’m going to take my popular Question the Rules course off the market on Thursday, April 11, and until then, the price is going to be $49. That price KILLS me, because this course is not only the most effective I’ve ever done, but it’s also the LARGEST I’ve ever done.

But because of that, I think it’s the one that the most people need, and I want them to be able to get it.

I’d like to charge more, but I want everyone to be able to afford QTR who wants it. I don’t think that you should have to skimp on something to learn what’s in Question the Rules, seeing as to how it might change you and your effectiveness. So I won’t make you.

So with all that said, you can get Question the Rules here for $49.

Just be sure to do it before Thursday, April 11, because it’s going off-market forever at that point.

(Caveat: In the spirit of honesty, I should mention that I do have one friend who will promote it for a few days after April 11. But I doubt you’ll see that promo.)

And if you’re asking why I’d take it off the market and why I wouldn’t just leave it on sale forever, I’ll tell you why:

1. I love this course, but it doesn’t truly represent me as I am today. I don’t teach business anymore, and a LOT LOT LOT has changed for me since these recordings were made. They’ll be as relevant to you as ever, but they’re much less representative of me as a person.

2. Let’s be honest: Liquidating an old course via a sale is a great money-maker. I’m a full-time fiction writer now, which is great because I’m pursuing (and succeeding at) a dream I’ve had forever… but I’m not where I need to be yet. So I could let QTR sit there, or I could do a win-win sale. I always prefer win-win.

So that’s it. Question the Rules, my best and most successful course (just check out the testimonials!) is on sale now for $49.

Get Question the Rules here before April 11, when it goes off-market.

NOTE: In case it’s not 100% clear, I’m not going anywhere. Only Question the Rules is going away.

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  1. E.S. Wesley says:

    Great to hear that you’re moving on to fiction. Just started listening to you and the guys on Selfpublishingpodcast (listened to about 10 episodes now), and it is awesome to see that you’re now able to move on to full-time fiction.

    I’m anxious for the day that I can do the same!

  2. Andrew says:

    Gawd grumble dang-shit… I missed the cut-off date by a month on QTR. If you have any copies left let me know, I refuse to look for torrents of it, so I’ll just drown my sorrows in a turkey pie and cider ( I hate the clear apple juice).

    Just finished book 1 of Unicorn Western, links at the end don’t work at the end except the link to your site. Going for book two on amazon – I’m hooked. Thanks for writing them! S.P. Podcast is great, too!

    – Autocorrect is my worst enema. –