Market like your El Camino depended on it

This post is part of Naomi Dunford’s birthday celebration, organized by LaVonne Ellis. Don’t read it with your logical brain. Here’s what happened. The other day, I get this email that there’s this kind of blogtastic birthday celebration being thrown for Naomi Dunford, and apparently the theme is that we’re all going to write about […]

Way too much info about the Slow Carb Diet (and my results)

So it’s March. And at the beginning of March, I’m supposed to report on February’s 30-day trial of Tim Ferriss’s Slow Carb Diet and tell you what new and crazy trial I’m doing this month. But that’s not going to happen. Because, as I mentioned originally, I only want to do six 30-day trials this year. […]

Why I’m essentially the same as George Washington

NOTE TO NON-AMERICANS AND ESPECIALLY YOU BRITS LIKE THAT WILY TIM BROWNSON: Me writing about US independence probably looks kind of ethnocentric, but I’m not trying to be rah-rah, go team USA! so much as I’m discussing independence in a general way, like in a way that even people in Mozambique are without a doubt […]

Revolution and Evolution, Part 2 (The Dean Koontz edition)

This is the continuation of my post about wanting to get a tattoo because things were changing in my life, yada yada yada, and it resumes here, with this sequel post. Actually, both that post and this one stand alone as separate posts just fine (and maybe even make more sense that way), but I […]

No, Charlie Gilkey isn’t a 90-year-old bricklayer named Blanche

I’ve entered this weird and sublimely freaky area where I’ve realized that I spend 95% of the time that I’m not spending with my wife and kids with you people. I guess this is what happens when you work online, and work in it in as skewed of a way as I do — where […]