The $100 Startup chronicles with Chris Guillebeau

NOTE: If you’re interested in Chris’s new book The $100 Startup, you can get it right now as part of the Only72 sale. Short version: For $100 total, you get the book plus over $1000 worth of the best online education products from people you know… including me. Check it out here.  A while ago, Chris […]

Why it’s more important than ever to question the rules

By the end of the week, I’ll finish the final draft of a novel I’ve been writing. It will then go to a few people who’ve agreed to give it a first read for me, and unless one of them says something very surprising, The Bialy Pimps will be for sale on Kindle by the […]

The 4-step process for becoming great

1. Begin. 2. Do the work. 3. Ship. 4. Repeat. Almost nobody truly does all four. Those that do inevitably become great.

You are dying, and your world is a lie.

This post contains a lesson about life, about your job, and about being human. Hang in there with me with through the intro, because whether or not you’re an athlete, this applies to you. — This summer, over a two-month span of time, I did an Olympic triathlon, a bike century, a half Ironman, and […]

How to self-publish on Kindle

Yesterday, I did this amazing call with Sean Platt about how to self-publish your writing for Amazon’s Kindle Store. It was awesome. I’m honestly all on fire about the possibilities. Because there was so much excitement surrounding the call and the topic, I figured I’d just put the call up as an audio post, so […]