School starts today. Not for my son Austin, though. I’m finishing writing this at 6am. At a little before 8am, the school bus is going to pull up in front of our house, and because we just got around to notifying the district that we’re not doing the school thing this year, the bus driver […]

How to have a crapload more time

NOTE: This is the fifth in a series of six 30-day trials I promised to do in 2011. Don’t get impatient if you just read the title and want to know how to have a crapload more time. I get to that at the end. What are you, anti-suspense? I’m trying to be a compelling […]

Latest trials update, and how I easily saved over a grand per month

I figured I owed everyone an update on my 30-day trials. I’ve been slow on reporting on these because it seems kind of self-centered whenever I report my findings, but hey, I guess you can learn from my experience. I know Vic Magary seems to have gotten a hell of a lot out of them. […]

Why you’re not where you want to be (and why it doesn’t matter)

Today’s post is about self-improvement. But more specifically, it’s about marginal improvement. Small improvements. Progressive stuff; the kind you can actually see yourself doing. It’s about forgetting about the big picture, “someday” goals you have, and forgetting about becoming the end-all, be-all as you go through your daily life. Not forgetting them entirely, but forgetting […]

Fear, the maze, and freedom

The other day, I was at Bob Evans with my wife and kids when my son unexpectedly taught me a really awesome life lesson. You never really know how kids will be at a restaurant, but fortunately Bob Evans had finally exchanged their old winter kids’ menus for the spring edition, so Austin was engrossed […]