How Chachi got his groove back (and what it means for you and your dreams)

Meet my buddy, Charlie Clausing. I’m apparently the only person to call him “Charlie.” To just about everyone else, he’s “Chachi,” as in “Joanie Loves.” That means his relatives call him that, his old friends call him that… and all the people who know him as an artist call him that. But we’ll come back […]

I’m Fine, Thanks

You’ve got to check out the newest project that my buddy Baker (from Man vs. Debt) is doing. It’s a powerful, moving documentary due out in July, and it’s wicked cool. They interviewed me and supposedly I’ll 95% be in the final film, though the bastards didn’t put me in the trailer. Anyway, check it […]

How to stop buying into bullshit

I don’t eat before 3pm. It’s a strategy called “intermittent fasting,” and I do it every day. There are a lot of reasons for intermittent fasting (many relating to body composition and hormone normalization), but for me, as an insulin-dependent diabetic, it also results in fantastic blood sugar stability. I don’t have to figure out […]

34 Ways to stay awesome when things suck

This blog can be a downer. I talk about how you will inevitably fail along the path to getting what you want, how doing great things requires a lot of hard work, and how there is no blueprint or map that will tell you where to go or what to do. It’s like being kicked […]

Why I’m being stupid enough to launch my book at $0.00

NOTE: The free promo described below has ended, so The Bialy Pimps now costs $3.99. Small price to pay for awesome, really, and people are LOVING it. Yesterday I told you all about my novel The Bialy Pimps and how, after twelve years of indecision and resistance, I’ve finally rewritten it and published it, yada […]