This post is business-pointless

WARNING: I’m telling you right now that this post has absolutely no relevance to business whatsoever and will be irrelevant to most of you. But it’s the week before Christmas and I’m in a festive, fun mood and kind of don’t feel like talking about money and business. So I’m going to talk about Bakugan. Oh, and there’s an expert interview at the end.


You may remember that a few weeks ago, I … Continue Reading

An unproductive waste of time

I toyed with the idea of writing a serious post today about how being a successful and well-rounded entrepreneur with a fun life requires big balls (or ovaries) and a stubborn determination to always improve every aspect of yourself, but then I remembered that I’m going to be playing poker with my college friends all weekend and am therefore in “dicking-off mode” more than “inspirational mode.”

So instead, I’m going to show you some … Continue Reading

Christmas is gay

NOTE: I wrote this post last Christmas season. But since it’s funny and offensive and most of you have never seen it before, I’m running it again.

I was on a forum the other day when someone brought up the inconvenient hypothesis that saying, “That’s gay” might be offensive to gay people.

Typically, I’m a nonconfrontational offender. When I’m alone, I tend to think, “If someone is offended, that’s their problem.” It’s the same … Continue Reading

Hello, I’m five years old


My son Austin just turned five, which is awesome because now he’s finally surpassed my level of maturity and it’s only a matter of time before I can con him into buying me beer.

The thing is, I just wrote two posts about being crazy. One is here, just a few posts back. The other will be on the Project Mojave blog soon if it’s not by the time this runs. (And by the … Continue Reading

Reunions: Not just about unions anymore

NOTE: If you’re reading this in Facebook, you’re probably doing it because I tagged you, which means that you don’t normally read my notes, you big asshole. That probably also means that you don’t know that these notes are actually a feed from my blog, and probably further haven’t realized that I’m a famous blogger now, which is kind of like being a famous janitor except that the janitor gets more chicks and Continue Reading