Better Off Undead #66 – Have Yourself a Very Davey Christmas

Subscribe to iTunes The show opens with Johnny telling the story of adding Dave to his Christmas card list this year, which turned into a discussion about gift giving obligations. Then, someone made the mistake of sending Dave a Christmas gift this year. And not just someone, but his best friend. His friend who knows […]

Better Off Undead #65 – Sean’s Mom is a Hoarder

Subscribe to iTunes On today’s show, Dave is being forced to clean his garage for his wife before her cousin comes in to help. You see, Dave doesn’t want people to know he’s a bit of a hoarder. Which turned into a conversation about Sean’s mom being an even worse hoarder. How bad? You can […]

Better Off Undead #64 – Dave Gets a Windows Phone

Subscribe to iTunes Dave has been resistant to the idea of getting a smart phone for years. Fortunately for us, he finally cracked and bought one. But did he get an iPhone like Sean suggested? Of course not. He got a Windows Phone. What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this episode. Also in […]

Better Off Undead #63 – Wherein We Spoil the Breaking Bad Finale

Subscribe to iTunes Ever on top of things, we FINALLY got to talking about the Breaking Bad finale. Find out what we thought. First, though, because nothing says Christmas like Dave, our resident goth in a tree regaled us with a reading of his son’s Christmas list. The guys then talked about some other Christmas-related […]

Better Off Undead #62 – Dave is Big, Sexy, and Wants to Help You Move

Subscribe to iTunes Today we opened with a brief conversation about our TV viewing habits. Dave then updated us on how he helped a friend moved. Yes, Dave went outside. And helped someone! Dave talked weight loss, with Sean saying he was going to try and GAIN weight to catch up to Dave just so […]