How to publish 1.5 million words and make a living from writing

I did something really cool this year. I created a full-time, could-support-my-family-on-nothing-else income from writing books. Telling stories for a living. Something I never thought was possible, and which I’d only barely dabbled in the year before. Today, my writing partner Sean Platt and I published what we feel is the definitive self-publishing guide, called Write. Publish. Repeat: […]

This is the end

I first started writing fiction for real a year ago with Fat Vampire, a book about a lovable guy named Reginald who’s turned into a not-quite-Twilight-style vampire, and has to learn to use his non-physical abilities to get by after being turned. Today, the saga’s final volume — Fat Vampire 6 — is available. This book marks the end of […]

THIS WEEK ONLY: Get the Fat Vampire 4-book box set for 99 cents!

Get this — I decided to go nuts and reduce the price of the Fat Vampire Value Meal, which contains the first four books in the Fat Vampire series, to 99 cents! You’ll save $8 over buying the books individually. Get it here: Amazon US Amazon UK Kobo Barnes & Noble It’s only available at that […]

Fat Vampire 5: Fatpocalypse is finally available!

Oh, happy day! I’m excited to announce that Fat Vampire 5: Fatpocalypse is now available! This is the biggest book yet in the series (both in scope and in page count) and I know you’ll love it… especially if you’ve been hanging on after the big cliffhanger at the end of book 4. As a launch special, […]

All of the Unicorn Western and Beam books are now available!

This week, we decided to release all the unreleased episodes in The Beam and Unicorn Western series. Check out the links below: The Beam Episode 2 You can get it here: Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble The Beam Episode 3 You can get it here: Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble The Beam Episode 4 You […]