Why it’s more important than ever to question the rules

By the end of the week, I’ll finish the final draft of a novel I’ve been writing. It will then go to a few people who’ve agreed to give it a first read for me, and unless one of them says something very surprising, The Bialy Pimps will be for sale on Kindle by the […]

The Flinch

Anyone who reads this blog has probably noticed that I really like the work of Julien Smith. And really, if you like my writing, you’d probably like his. Let’s drill it down a bit further. Remember my post “You are dying, and your world is a lie“? Well, if you liked that specific post of […]

Things are more badass

Today’s post is over at my nonprofit, The Badass Project. You should read it. Read it here. P.S: My last post was short. This post is short. This one doesn’t really count, though, because the post I’ve linked to isn’t short at all. And it’s bad ass. P.P.S: Don’t get used to short posts from […]

The Badass Project is LIVE!

My newest, most amazing, and totally nonprofit venture — The Badass Project — is now open and live! My first interview (up there now) is with the man I’ve come to consider “the original Badass”: Copyblogger’s Jon Morrow. Below is a video I recorded this morning about the Project. (If you’re reading on Facebook or […]

New design and biphasic sleep update

I figured I was due for a quick update on my biphasic sleep trial, but then something cool happened and I figured this could be a two-for post. One post, two topics. Now that’s efficiency. First, the cool thing that happened. Those of you reading on my blog maaaaay have already figured this one out. […]