How to go to BlogWorld even if you don’t have the time or money to go to BlogWorld

You know what’s awesome? BlogWorld. You know what’s even more awesome than BlogWorld? Riding a levitating, air-breathing shark into BlogWorld. But since nobody has yet engineered a shark for me, let’s stick with plain old sharkless BlogWorld, which is still pretty cool You may know that last year, for the Los Angeles event, I took […]

New Sexy Self-Publishing Podcast Offers DIY Publishing Advice, Goths

So I launched a podcast. Teeeeechnically, it’s not true that I launched a podcast; I guess it’s more accurate to say that Sean Platt, Dave Wright, and I launched a podcast. But I’m the guy with the mixer and the recorder and the knowledge of how it all works, so without me it’s just the […]

Why I’m being stupid enough to launch my book at $0.00

NOTE: The free promo described below has ended, so The Bialy Pimps now costs $3.99. Small price to pay for awesome, really, and people are LOVING it. Yesterday I told you all about my novel The Bialy Pimps and how, after twelve years of indecision and resistance, I’ve finally rewritten it and published it, yada […]

Realize your foolish dreams (it’s so damn worth it)

Monday night, I uploaded the final elements required by Amazon to publish my novel, The Bialy Pimps, in the Kindle store. Go over and check it out. I made it FREE for today and tomorrow — a decision I’ll tell you all about tomorrow — so while you’re there, be sure to download the book. […]

The Badass Project conference is January 26th & 27th. 18 speakers. Online. Totally free.

So you like the idea of being a badass? You’re sold on badassery? You admire people who are badasses, and you want to become more badass yourself? Are you sold on the idea that excuses suck, that most excuses are bullshit, and that the minute we learn to master our own true abilities is the […]