Bullet Coaching Sessions

So you just have an issue or two and don’t want to spend a fortune on advice, right?

Maybe you’ve got a question about how to position your new product. Maybe you’d like to start doing teleseminars or webinars and need to know how the whole thing works. Maybe you have questions about which payment processor to use, how to set up an affiliate program, or how to identify your best audience.

You just want to ask your question and get it answered. You want to get in and get out. You don’t want long-term coaching, and you don’t want loose ends left hanging at the end.

You’ve got a focused question on a specific issue… and you’d just like it answered, without breaking the bank.

Perfect. That’s what Bullet Sessions are all about.

What Bullet Sessions are

Bullet Sessions are just-in-time coaching that will get your questions answered without requiring you to make a huge commitment of time and money.

I used to offer strategy coaching in hourly blocks. The problem was that getting any real results on “the big issues” (growing a business, developing a brand and direction, creating a loyal readership and customer base) takes a lot of time, so I moved my strategy work (“Ninja Coaching“) to a mentorship model.

But then people started saying, “But I just have a few questions and don’t want to get involved in a whole long-term thing!”

My Ninja Coaching — especially given that it’s based on a rate of $500 per hour — was leaving a lot of people out in the cold.

And so Bullet Sessions were born. They’re not meant for long-term, strategic issues, so there’s no need to commit to long-term, strategic coaching. And because we’re not wracking our brains to hash out those “big issues,” I can charge a hell of a lot less.

What Bullet Sessions are good for

Bullet Sessions are great for just about anything that can be asked and answered in a half-hour, which is how long these sessions last.

(Oh, and it should probably be something I know how to answer, meaning it’s something you’ve seen me do, write about, or speak about. If your question is “How can I get my poodle it’s whitest?” my answer isn’t going to be very helpful.)

Those are really the only two criteria. If your issue is something we can discuss and answer in a half hour, we’re probably in business.

What Bullet Sessions are NOT right for

• Big, strategic issues.

• Anything that takes longer than a half-hour to answer.

• Anything that would need to span multiple sessions. (i.e. please don’t book four sessions and plan to split a two-hour issue between them.)

Sound good? I agree. In the rapid-fire spirit of Bullet Sessions, let’s not overcomplicate this.

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