How to go to BlogWorld even if you don’t have the time or money to go to BlogWorld

You know what’s awesome? BlogWorld. You know what’s even more awesome than BlogWorld? Riding a levitating, air-breathing shark into BlogWorld. But since nobody has yet engineered a shark for me, let’s stick with plain old sharkless BlogWorld, which is still pretty cool

You may know that last year, for the Los Angeles event, I took over as MC and Big Cheese and King Daddy Bazooka in charge of their Virtual Ticket program, which is the way for you to get all of BlogWorld (and more) from home, in case you can’t be there live. What you probably don’t know yet is that we’ve made it even cooler this year. And since I am the guy who’s running the thing, I am of course going to tell you all about it on my blog.

And here’s why you care. Here’s why this is something that matters to you:

We did some informal research — and by that, I mean that we didn’t do any research at all but did eat some Hot Pockets — and realized that although most people out there in the blogging, podcasting, and web TV worlds know that the BlogWorld events exist, a lot of those people (maybe including you?) don’t really think they can go. And I get it. Attending BlogWorld, live and in person, is second to none. I’ve picked up the best stuff by meeting new people at events and getting new ideas, and BlogWorld is three days of nothing but that, wall to wall.

But if you can’t travel to New York, Los Angeles, or Vegas to attend, you think you’re fucked.

And so you sit at home, and you hear about all this fun and amazing BlogWorld stuff going on, and you think about how you wish it was in the realm of possibility that you could go, but you can’t afford the travel and the time away from home, and so you go, “Oh, woe is me, I am fucked, and now I’m going to eat Hot Pockets and think about how some day, I’ll be able to go.”

And so we said, “How can we help those many, many people sitting at home with Hot Pockets, totally bummed out because they can’t attend BlogWorld? How can we make BlogWorld accessible for people who can’t find the time or the money to travel?”

And that’s how the Virtual Ticket was born.

What is the Virtual Ticket?

Simply put, the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket is a way for you to “attend” BlogWorld on your own schedule, without leaving your home.

There are over 100 sessions (check out the session lineup!) at BlogWorld this June, and we’re going to record them. You’ll get the speaker’s A/V presentation and their voice, and you’ll be able to watch that video or download the MP3 of the audio to listen anywhere. It won’t be live, but it’ll only take us about a week to have all of those sessions up there for you, and then you can go through the sessions whenever you want, over and over again if you so desire.

You don’t have to travel. You don’t have to find a babysitter or a dogsitter. If you don’t have the money for a plane ticket or a hotel, that’s no problem.

But there’s more to it than that. Because when I came on board last year, I asked how we could replace as much of the “feel of being there” as possible so that Virtual Ticket attendees would get not just the event’s content but also some of the experience as well, and we came up with some ideas — behind the scenes interviews, social media interaction, and so on.

But this year, we’re kicking it up a notch.

This year, we’re giving you a bunch of stuff every day, almost as it happens. This year, June 5-7 won’t be the time during which you hear about people attending BlogWorld and feel left out and jealous. This year, you’ll get in on some of the action, too.

What we added

It’s not really feasible to try and stream anything from the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, but honestly, we wouldn’t want to stream the sessions live even if we could.

If we streamed everything, you’d lose one significant advantage of attending virtually — the fact that when you’re virtual, you never miss anything because two sessions you’d like to see are happening live at the exact same time. When you’re virtual, you can watch ALL of the sessions that were simultaneous at the live event, whereas the live attendees had to choose one and only one to attend.

For the same reasons, we didn’t want to stream any of our extras. But on the flip side, last year we waited until the end of the event to add ANYTHING, and the downside to that was that the Virtual Ticket attendees didn’t feel like they were part of the live event at all. They’d watch tweets about Chris Brogan holding the event center hostage (I won’t say that this happened, but I also won’t deny it because it’s funnier to not deny it) and would sigh and say, “Virtual attendance is cool and all, but I kind of wish someone would record some of the big happenings — including Chris Brogan possibly holding the event center hostage — so that I could participate and follow along.”

So this year, we’re doing “dailies.”

(That’s not “dallies,” as in “dilly-dallying along.” It’s the plural form of “daily.” We’re borrowing from the film industry, where at the end of the day you review what you shot that day… your “dailies.”)

What the dailies are are audio interviews and updates that we’ll record and then post — wait for it — every day during the live event. So when Chris Brogan takes the event center hostage this year, we’ll interview him to get his hostage demands. Then, the next day, we’ll have an interview with BlogWorld CEO Rick Calvert about how they didn’t want to have those sharpshooters dart Chris and throw a net over him and haul him off for heavy doses of tranquilizers, but how else were they going to get him to deliver his keynote?

So you can follow along with what’s going on in New York, see.

And in the event that there are no major hostage incidents whatsoever (booooo-ring!), we’ll get you interviews and happenings, and post THOSE each evening.

We’ll give you a written update each night. We’ll record a bunch of other interviews, these ones on video, with different people than we talk to for the dailies, getting their “bonus material” and secret tips, and we’ll have those ready when the session recordings are all finished and posted (about a week after BlogWorld ends). We’ll tweet. We’ll share photos.

We know we can’t really make you feel like you’re there. I won’t insult you by saying that getting the Virtual Ticket is just like being there.

But if you can’t be there, the Virtual Ticket is as close as we can get.

And you’ll get all that bonus stuff, too… stuff that live attendees won’t get.

And you’ll be able to watch all of the sessions, even if they happened at the same time, because you can watch whenever you want.

Arguably, it’s much MORE content than you could ever get live, which is why so many live BlogWorld attendees choose to add the Virtual Ticket to their registration — so that when they get home, they can watch what they missed.

Value: Baked into the Virtual Ticket just like fake and questionable ham is baked into that Hot Pocket you’re eating

The Virtual Ticket normally costs $347. Through the end of the day on Tuesday, May 15th, you can get it for $100 off, for only $247.

You can sign up here.

Aaaaaand, if you use promo code “Virtual10” (without the quotes) when you check out, you can save 10% off of even THAT amount.

But what if you’re going to be there live, at the actual BlogWorld event? Well, if you’re going to BlogWorld live, it normally costs $97 to add the Virtual Ticket to your registration so that you’ll get all of the session recordings and all of the bonus material and interviews, available for you to review when you get home.

But if you want to add the VT to your registration before the end of tomorrow, it’s only $47. That’s a stupidly low price for over a hundred hours of material.

(Side note: I’m actually pissed about how low that price is. I’m not kidding. As VT guy, I’m paid to make as much on the Virtual Ticket as possible. I told the BWE people, “That’s too damn low!” But they’d already published it and wouldn’t budge. A knife fight broke out. If we hadn’t been distracted by Chris Brogan taking a nearby event hostage, we’d never have resolved it.)

If you want to join us in the Virtual Ticket, of which I am your master of ceremonies or grand poobah or whatever, just go here. Don’t forget to use the “Virtual10” promo code to save 10%, and be sure to do it before the end of the 15th if you want to save $100.

(If you’re attending live and want to ADD the Virtual Ticket, just email BlogWorld registration and tell them you want to add the VT to your registration.)

So… look.

Going to BlogWorld is awesome. I highly, highly recommend going if you can.

But if you’re one of the thousands and thousands of bloggers, podcasters, and web TV producers who have watched BlogWorld happen in the past and wished you could be there but couldn’t, this is your chance.

Join us virtually. And eat whatever kind of Hot Pockets you want during the sessions.

THE THING I’VE SAID BEFORE BUT WHICH WARRANTS A FINAL NOTE: The $100 early bird discount on the Virtual Ticket ends at the end of the day on May 15th. That’s tomorrow as I publish this post. If you want in, register now, before the discount ends.

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  1. Heh. I totally didn’t realize this is only a few weeks away. And you just convinced me to go to the whole kit-and-kaboodle AND get the virtual ticket. With the discount, it all comes out to the price of just attending (without the discount), so why not? Then I won’t miss a thing.

    The deciding factor was when I looked at the map and saw that Port Authority is only a few blocks away from the convention center, and since I’m only an hour or so away, I’ll take the bus (cheaper than parking and less hassle!) and won’t even have to stay over.

    Thanks for posting about this! Another day and the price goes up. And thanks much for the discount.

    Yippee! Looking forward to it!!! Now have to check that my dog sitter is available! oops 😀

  2. Mmmmm… Hot Pockets with fake ham.

  3. I have a sad. All those people attending BlogWorld live and in person, but having no Hot Pockets! Can these be put into vending machines? Everyone who is saving so much money by attending BlogWorld online could contribute to a special fund, perhaps…

  4. I’ve got a blogger pass for $150 if anyone wants it – I got it early but can’t go now 🙁 tweet me if you’re interested… @cherylharrison