Writing for the sake of art. Writing to make a living.
How the hell can you make the two work together?

I’m a writer first, and a businessman second. So I get it.

You want to blog, so you write. And you write. And you write. But despite all of your effort, writing has to remain a hobby, because it’s sure as hell not paying the bills.

The normal advice about how to “make money blogging” doesn’t help. You still can’t get traffic… and if you get it, you can’t do anything with it. You don’t make any sales of whatever you’re selling.

I’m a writer, so I have to write. And I write a lot. Most of what I write is about how I take my writing and turn it into a business… into an income.

I write that stuff, and I put it into a big, huge, long mother of an email series, which you can get for free by signing up at the right.

No magic pixie dust. No bullshit.

Just the advice and experiences and resources of a guy who wanted to write, had to make a buck, and found a way to use writing to make over a hundred thousand of those bucks in his first year.

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It’s bad ass. You should get it.

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