Announcing my new podcast with Joel Runyon: Bigger Better Stronger Faster

Because I apparently don’t have enough on my plate, I started a new podcast with “Impossible” guy Joel Runyon. It’s called Bigger Better Stronger Faster, and you can subscribe in iTunes here. The podcast’s website, where you can leave comments and stuff, is here. (You can also find us on Blackberry, Zune, and Stitcher Radio.)

Now, you probably already know about my Self Publishing Podcast and my “it’s not about horror but let’s pretend” Better Off Undead podcast (both with Sean Platt and David “I hate you all” Wright), but this one is different.

Bigger Better Stronger Faster is, in short, a podcast about reaching your potential as a human being.

This podcast is about becoming — follow along with me, kids — bigger, better, stronger, and faster. And that’s not just in physical endeavors, either, so don’t mistake us for a fitness podcast. We talk about that stuff for sure, but you can always learn and gain BIGGER abilities. You can always become BETTER intellectually, or in any skill. You can always become a STRONGER friend, wife, husband, mother, father, or family member. You can always achieve any goal FASTER.

We’ve posted our first two episodes so far, so check ’em out if you’d like. Or — and this is preferable to watching or listening on the site — you can subscribe to Bigger Better Stronger Faster on iTunes or search to find us on the other directories.

(And if you don’t know anything about podcasts, including how to sign up for and listen to one? Just watch this video.)


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  1. Regina Maddock says:

    Loving the new podcast guys! Looking forward to more episodes. =)

    • Regina Maddock says:

      Johnny, this is Bathtub Girl, BTW. =) I wanted to share my experience with physical challenges. I’ve ran in 2 half marathons. I’m not a runner. I’m in good shape, but honestly, don’t love running. People assume I love running since I’ve participated in half marathons, but I explain to them that I do it for the challenge, not for the love of running. To me, a challenge like this takes more brain power than physical endurance. It’s mind-over-matter. I’ve hit a mental wall about 8 miles in and had to convince my brain to keep running since it was asking why the fuck was I still running?! My legs kept going, but it took some convincing to continue to let them run.
      In my post-half-marathon life, I feel the self-confidence that Joel mentioned. Whenever I come across something that seems daunting, I remind myself I’ve accomplished harder things in the past. Now I feel so silly cowering in the midst of something so insignificant. I also think about your blog, Johnny … The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You. I don’t have to run from things that are trying to eat me or survive a harsh winter in a cave.
      All of this has prepared me for my next challenge and I’m certain I’ll succeed. Johnny, your advice on the Self-Publishing Podcast has been invaluable and has helped me realize if 3 slack-asses can write books and make a decent living at it, why can’t I?! Just kidding, I admire you guys for what you’ve done and continue to do. I’m starting on my blog and am certain it’ll be successful and will help set me up for selling my books in the future. Johnny and Joel, please keep inspiring us to be Bigger Better Stronger Faster. Thanks guys!

      • Johnny says:

        I love that bathtub girl has hit all three podcasts!

        I totally get your meaning on this one. Stay badass!