Self Publishing Podcast #83 – How to Launch a Book

Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes As of the day this episode goes live, we’re officially just one week away from the launch of our comprehensive self-publishing bible Write. Publish. Repeat: The No-Luck Guide to Building a Self-Publishing Career. In this episode, appropriately, we talk about how we’re launching this book and how that launch […]

Better Off Undead #62 – Dave is Big, Sexy, and Wants to Help You Move

Subscribe to iTunes Today we opened with a brief conversation about our TV viewing habits. Dave then updated us on how he helped a friend moved. Yes, Dave went outside. And helped someone! Dave talked weight loss, with Sean saying he was going to try and GAIN weight to catch up to Dave just so […]

Self Publishing Podcast #82 – Censorship and Compromising Your Work

Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes This week, we talked about an article we read about censorship by major booksellers and the corresponding self-censorship that some authors are doing to keep their books visible. We also talked about the “chilling effect” that occurs when authors start to watch what they say. We also had two […]

Better Off Undead Show #61 – Dave Gets Up His Own Butt

Subscribe to iTunes This week, Dave digs deep into his butt to figure out what the hell is wrong with himself? The answer: everything. But the problem isn’t really Dave so much as almost EVERY ONE else. Find out why going out with Dave is a pure “joy.” You can check out the video version […]

Self Publishing Podcast #81 – Growth Hacking for Authors

Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes Our main topic this week was growth hacking, but before we got down to it we hit a few updates: • We announced the winners of the Kobo Aura HD drawings: Adam Haviaras and Carolyn Jewel. Mark from Kobo will contact you directly, so look for an email. Congrats, Adam […]