Do awesome stuff, not dumb shit (and a free audiobook!)

I just did something cool. I released an audiobook today. For free. Now, before I explain what that means, why I did it, and why you should care (and the reason isn’t “because I’m so cool”) head over and pick up the free audiobook of my novel The Bialy Pimps if you’re AT ALL interested in […]

How to live forever

My grandfather died just recently. It’s okay, really. He was 94 years old. He’d been relatively mobile all of his life, very mobile for all but the last handful of years, chopped wood with an axe into his seventies, kept his mind, and kept his hair. He and my grandmother lived in their own house, […]

The $100 Startup chronicles with Chris Guillebeau

NOTE: If you’re interested in Chris’s new book The $100 Startup, you can get it right now as part of the Only72 sale. Short version: For $100 total, you get the book plus over $1000 worth of the best online education products from people you know… including me. Check it out here.  A while ago, Chris […]

How to stop buying into bullshit

I don’t eat before 3pm. It’s a strategy called “intermittent fasting,” and I do it every day. There are a lot of reasons for intermittent fasting (many relating to body composition and hormone normalization), but for me, as an insulin-dependent diabetic, it also results in fantastic blood sugar stability. I don’t have to figure out […]

34 Ways to stay awesome when things suck

This blog can be a downer. I talk about how you will inevitably fail along the path to getting what you want, how doing great things requires a lot of hard work, and how there is no blueprint or map that will tell you where to go or what to do. It’s like being kicked […]