11 Ways to be stupidly effective

Last week, I ran a post about how I took a book from idea to publication in less than a month. I got a lot of comments and emails about that post, all of them very flattering and many asking for more detail. The question underlying all of those emails and comments, however, was, “But… […]

From idea to publication on Kindle in 29 days

I just published a new horror/humor book called Fat Vampire. It’s about a man who gets turned into a vampire and finds himself in a society filled with “perfect vampires” and has to fight for his life (undead life?) through prejudices that label him unfit to be what he has become. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. […]

How Chachi got his groove back (and what it means for you and your dreams)

Meet my buddy, Charlie Clausing. I’m apparently the only person to call him “Charlie.” To just about everyone else, he’s “Chachi,” as in “Joanie Loves.” That means his relatives call him that, his old friends call him that… and all the people who know him as an artist call him that. But we’ll come back […]

Everything is simple. Nothing is easy.

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other day when he mentioned that motivation and inspiration are pretty much just a lot of bullshit. Now, as the guy who wrote the no-bullshit (and free) manifesto How To Be Legendary and launched the amazing Everyday Legendary community — this troubled me me. After […]

What’s your purpose? (No. Really. Think about it.)

There is no escaping reason; no denying purpose. Because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist. – Agent Smith, The Matrix I haven’t been writing much lately. That’s because I’ve been writing. See, I feel a little guilty about not posting often enough on my blog. I’ve gotten a few emails, basically […]