Is this another rule I should break?

I’ve written a few times lately about my revelations re: seeing through the bullshit and kind of noticing that the emperor who is supposedly standing there wearing his expensive new clothes actually has his ass hanging out. It’s occurred to me lately that society tells us that we’re supposed to do a lot of things […]

You’re worth more than you think

I’ve talked a bit here and there about pricing (more often there than here, as it turns out), but I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Lee Stranahan for his “How Much Should I Charge?” course and it got me thinking, so I wanted to write about it now. (And also, Lee is worth […]

How to fail at your goals

. You may remember that in early November, I set a goal. I was going to score 28 points on Crossfit’s “How Fit Are You?” challenge. To refresh your memory (which is surely unnecessary, as I’m sure you have detailed notes everywhere about every aspect of my life and work), here are the descriptions of […]

Neither I nor Tim Brownson are islands

This is a guest post by my fish-and-chips-eating life coach, Tim Brownson. In it, he explores many untruths about me and mocks me openly. Enjoy. And because I know that some fools will take what Tim says literally, um… yeah, don’t take this too literally. Oh, and one last thing: good fucking luck figuring out […]

You’re not normal

I’ve written a lot recently about the topics of being crazy, doing something crazy, and perhaps using Crazy Straws. But then, yesterday, three things happened to make me think that I should write about it in a bit more detail: I talked to my friend Clay Collins, who is out of his fucking mind, and […]