I’ve moved!

The good news — if you’re a fan of my blogging, which I haven’t done in quite a while — is that I’m back to it! I’m once again writing the “epic posts” that we all know and love, but I’m writing them on my new website at  I promise that the new posts […]


Better Off Undead #66 – Have Yourself a Very Davey Christmas

Subscribe to iTunes The show opens with Johnny telling the story of adding Dave to his Christmas card list this year, which turned into a discussion about gift giving obligations. Then, someone made the mistake of sending Dave a Christmas gift this year. And not just someone, but his best friend. His friend who knows […]


Self Publishing Podcast #87 – Best Self-Publishing Lessons of 2013

Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes Because this is our last show of 2013 (and we’ll be skipping next week’s show so that we can sleep and see our families after ending this year at an insane pace), we wanted to use it to wrap up some of the things we’ve learned. It’s kind of […]


Better Off Undead #65 – Sean’s Mom is a Hoarder

Subscribe to iTunes On today’s show, Dave is being forced to clean his garage for his wife before her cousin comes in to help. You see, Dave doesn’t want people to know he’s a bit of a hoarder. Which turned into a conversation about Sean’s mom being an even worse hoarder. How bad? You can […]


Self Publishing Podcast #86 – YouTube for Writers with Amy Schmittauer (“The Schmittastic Episode”)

Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes This week’s guest was Amy Schmittauer, who had some awesome ideas and suggestions for writers looking to expand their reach with the use of YouTube. We talked about a variety of approaches, from using videos to bond with existing readers and deepen that connection with true fans to using […]