I’ve moved!

I’m not using this website anymore, yo! You can find me at these days. (Oh, and by the way? I haven’t updated this site in FOREVER. It’s full of old info about things I don’t do anymore and contains many, many broken links. I’m far too lazy and uninterested to fix it all. Have […]


How to publish 1.5 million words and make a living from writing

I did something really cool this year. I created a full-time, could-support-my-family-on-nothing-else income from writing books. Telling stories for a living. Something I never thought was possible, and which I’d only barely dabbled in the year before. Today, my writing partner Sean Platt and I published what we feel is the definitive self-publishing guide, called Write. Publish. Repeat: […]


20 truths about life that nobody wants to believe

I was thinking the other day about how there are all these key pieces of advice that someone influential in our lives (mom, dad, grandma, Cthulu) tells us are true, but that we don’t like the answers to. So to deal with the issue, we decide we’re too awesome to pay attention and insist on […]


My quasi-minimalist Christmas

Ugh. Why is that the way I’ve increasingly felt about the holidays? Because man, that’s not fucking cool. Christmas used to be awesome. There was all this anticipation and magic and specialness once upon a time, and I looked forward to that one day for the other 364, and then Christmas day arrived and it […]


14 tips for writing a book in 29 days… and then doing it again the next month

NOTE: This post is for writers. If you’re not a writer, you may choose to skip this one… but come back soon, because you’re going to love my next post. — Last month, I wrote about how I took my book Fat Vampire from raw idea to publication in 29 days. Then, last night, just […]